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About Us

An Unquenchable Passion For Coffee

MOKA Coffee, was founded upon a simple idea, which is to roast and provide great coffee products. On our quest to fulfil this dream, we sourced far and wide in search of the best coffee beans, from Brazil to Columbia, Ethiopia to Sumatra, in doing so we learnt a great deal of the colourful and varied coffee cultures from across the world, which further fuelled our enthusiasm, love and appreciation for this humble yet complex plant we call coffee.

The absolute best way to enjoy a cup of coffee is a freshly brewed one, bar none. An essential element to a good cup of coffee is, as you would imagine, good quality coffee beans roasted well. Which is why we at MOKA are committed to providing the coffee you deserve, great blends freshly roasted to perfection. 

Every household should start their day smiling with a great cup of quality coffee in hand, waking your senses up to the enchanting aroma of delicious freshly brewed coffee, that's exactly what we intend to provide, amazing quality coffee at reasonable prices, so you'll start your days in the best way possible!

Roasted To Order

With some of the best coffee beans on our hands, we pay special care and attention in roasting them to perfection. We insist on roasting all our beans to order, ensuring our clients receives their coffee products as fresh as possible, once roasted coffee beans are best consumed within 2 to 6 weeks, as coffee starts to loose its flavour profile over time post roasting.